Numi provides a revolutionary solution for the return of inmate trust funds.  Our fully integrated solution allows facilities to go completely cashless and eliminate the tremendous burden of managing money inside the facility. Our solution works seamlessly with any accounting or jail management software system and offers an efficient, cost-effective, stored value card alternative to issuing cash or paper checks to released inmates. The Numi Card solution allows a facility administrator to seamlessly put the remaining balance of an inmate’s trust account onto a Network Branded Numi Prepaid Card that allows the cardholder to use the card at millions of locations worldwide to access cash, make purchases, and pay bills.


All facilities can opt-into the program at no charge.  Numi provides the Card inventory, cardholder education materials, real-time Card funding, real-time reporting, reconciliation support, and the convenience and simplicity of Numi’s daily ACH services.


For locations that cannot host our integrated solution, Numi also offers a user friendly Virtual Terminal for the activation, registration, and issuance of cards.


The Numi Inmate Release Card Program helps your facility to:


  • Increase efficiency

  • Reduce inmate release processing time

  • Reduce accounting department costs and resources

  • Eliminate cash and checks

  • Reconcile bank accounts immediately

  • No more unclaimed property reporting

  • Eliminate customer service duties as Numi handles all lost, stolen, and card usage issues


Cardholder Benefits:

  • The released person can immediately use the Card to access their cash 24 hours a day via any one, or a combination, of the following:

  • Make a purchase everywhere the Card is accepted

  • ATM access everywhere the Card is accepted, including surcharge free ATM access for select programs

  • Get cash back at all participating retailers

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“We love the program because it’s very easy and simple. We no longer have to buy checks, which saves us a lot of money. Our accounting is cleaned up and we have stopped worrying about outstanding checks!”

– Cumberland County Jail

“The program overall is very convenient because paper checks had required 2 signatures. We no longer have to run around and get signatures while our staff is at lunch, somewhere in our large buildings, or enjoying a day off. We have saved hours with eliminating that process! We love the ACH Recaps that [were e-mailed to us]. Our paperwork and administration is much more efficient.”

– Coffee County Jail


"I have always been treated as if I am only one customer no matter how big or small my problem has been.  The Support techs are amazing and I have give a special thanks to the accounting division who have always gone that extra step to help me."

-Belknap County Department of Corrections



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