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Inmate Trust Fund Management - Numi Financial
Inmate Trust Fund Management
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Inmate Work Release - Numi Financial
Inmate Re-Entry Program

The Re-Entry Card program provides agencies with a turn-key solution to optimize parolee success rates by enabling them to thrive from the very beginning.  

Our fully customized and integrated solution allows facilities to get out of the check cashing, check management, and fee collection business with inmates on work release and automate the entire process. 

Numi provides a revolutionary solution for the return of inmate trust funds.  Our fully integrated solution allows facilities to go completely cashless and eliminate the tremendous burden of managing money inside the facility.

Inmate Work Release
Payroll Employee Programs Numi Financial
Payroll & Employee Programs

Numi prepaid payroll cards increase operational efficiencies,reduce payroll costs, build employee loyalty, and provide employees with 24/7 access to their funds for a fraction of the cost of a traditional bank account.

Insurance Claim Disbursements Numi Financial
Insurance Claims Disbursements

Numi’s expertise in government disbursements allows the Company to deliver similar customized product solutions for the private sector, particularly payments in the insurance industry.