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Numi Financial is a prepaid financial services company with years of experience providing a diverse range of prepaid card solutions for disbursement & funds management.  Specializing in government and private sector Network branded stored value card disbursement programs, Numi’s comprehensive portfolio of customized prepaid card programs serves the needs of its business clients, government organizations and non-profit organizations.  With an unmatched level of expertise and specialization in disbursement solutions for the corrections industry and  justice system Numi’s disbursement solution products streamline operations and provide substantial cost and resource savings for organizations of all sizes. Numi's vast assortment of Network branded and customized white label products enable any business or public entity to achieve its strategic & cost cutting objectives.


WANTED: Highly motivated professionals looking to reshape the global landscape of the prepaid card industry. Must have an insatiable entrepreneurial spirit and a willingness to be highly adaptable to a fast-paced, customer-oriented work environment. Most importantly, must possess a “get it done” attitude with an emphasis on results.

If you have these skills, we have an incredible opportunity for you. Our commitment to our partners, shareholders, customers, and cardholders is to be the most attractive prepaid offering in the industry. Delivering on this promise requires the full support of every Numi Financial employee. We work hard, but we play hard, too. Together, we can do great things.


If you have what it takes to be successful in a fast-paced entrepreneurial company that is experiencing unprecedented growth, submit your resume to jobs@numifinancial.com

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