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Disbursement solutions designed specifically to help government agencies and the communities they serve.  These custom solutions include single-use and reloadable prepaid MasterCard card products, virtual accounts, ACH services, and other alternative financial solutions.  Numi also has numerous proprietary software systems and tools to support these products, your agency and the individuals that use them.



The Numi solution eliminates for the agency the numerous burdens related to the disbursement of inmate trust funds upon release, including daily account reconciliation, lost/stolen check support, fraud monitoring and enforcement, escheatment reporting, and periodic audits. 


Numi provides an efficient and cost effective program with limited clerical duties where the agency is able to transfer the entire cash disbursement and customer service burden to Numi.

Provide released individuals with immediate and free 24/7/365 access to their funds without the burden, liquidity issues, and costs of cashing a check.  

Numi cares about helping inmates reenter society successfully and giving them the financial tools and education necessary to succeed.  All of Numi’s programs focus on financial responsibility and reducing recidivism.




Manage and control deposits, savings and per diem disbursements for program participants.  Key features include the ability to monitor and restrict spending activities and encourage and reward desired outcomes.  


After completion of the work release program, program participants also have the ability to upgrade to a personalized prepaid card account with a host of valuable features including the ability to direct deposit their wages and manage and budget their spending activities.

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Individuals in the community under supervision can utilize a personalized prepaid card account with a host of valuable features including the ability to direct deposit their wages,  manage and budget their spending activities and withdraw funds anytime through a large nationwide network of surcharge free ATM machines. 


The program also includes a state of the art mobile banking suite that provides quick and easy access to account management tools and custom notification and text alerts. 

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