Numi has developed a comprehensive solution for jail and prison work release programs.  Our fully customized and integrated solution allows facilities to get out of the check cashing, check management, and fee collection business with inmates on work release and automate the entire process from initial enrollment in the program to the inmate’s discharge and reentry into society.  The Numi Work Release Card helps to eliminate the tremendous burden of managing money inside the facility and works seamlessly with any accounting or jail management software system to allow every person on work release to receive direct deposit payroll onto the Card.  The Card can be customized to meet the needs of the facility and its functionality can be limited such that the cardholder can only use the card in the manner and at the locations that the facility approves while the cardholder is in the work release program.  Also while in the work release program, the card can support a savings account as well as be utilized to pay any bills the cardholder may need to pay.  Upon reentry, the cardholder receives a new card that has the same direct deposit characteristics as their previous card, allowing for the cardholder to continue to receive direct deposit payroll with no interruption and no hassle. Upon reentry, the new card has access to all the benefits and features that our top of the line payroll card has including mobile banking and automatic bill pay and can  be used at millions of locations worldwide to access cash, make purchases, and pay bills.  


The Numi Work Release Card Program helps your facility to:


  • Eliminate payroll check processing and funds management

  • Monitor & control spending, savings and withdrawal activities

  • Reduce accounting department costs and resources

  • Reconcile bank accounts immediately

  • Automate billing and collection procedures

  • Eliminate customer service duties as Numi handles all lost, stolen, and card usage issues

  • Provide financial tool for seamless reentry into the workforce upon release


Cardholder Benefits:

  • Paycheck deposited directly onto the card both during the program and after release

  • 24/7 access to funds for purchases & withdrawals

  • Make purchases everywhere the Card is accepted

  • Transfer the entire card balance to an existing bank account


Enhanced Features Upon Release:


  • Receive a new card upon release from the program with enhanced features such as:  

  • Mobile Banking &Text Alerts

  • Online Automated Bill Pay

  • Surcharge Free ATM Network

  • POS Cash Back

  • Card to Card and Card to Bank Transfers

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